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What sets us apart…


Carina Boston Pinales


October 12, 2020


By: GEW_Community Organizer Carina Boston Pinales of Splash Coworking

San Marcos, Texas USA

Connecting in an authentic and valuable way has been disrupted at this point in our lives. However, we have gained a new understanding of how we can adapt with the tools and resources that drive digital innovation in the virtual world. For entrepreneurs, the unknown and uncharted waters are familiar territory. Entrepreneurs feed off of the discovery, excitement, and sometimes fear that motivates them to keep going.

Two of the four GEW themes this year are #GEWecosystems and #GEWinclusion. Splash operates with the intention of promoting inclusion and accessibility to resources, opportunities, and tools that all entrepreneurs need to be successful. Locally our ever-evolving ecosystem grows with considering what the entrepreneur needs to succeed and bring forward to the world as the next innovative solution? As a leader in our entrepreneurship ecosystem, Splash Coworking (Splash) is making waves, lifting everyone up above these choppy waters. A part of our identity is being “Locally Driven and Globally Connected” so participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week as the local Community Organizer is a no brainer for us. Our focus is on bringing value to the individual so they can confidently make a rippling effect with their work. With this focus, we measure the success of solutions by how those solutions work for everyone, Inclusion is a determining factor when we partner, collaborate or work with anyone.

GEW promotes the opportunity to learn how entrepreneurs are being supported in their ecosystems. What may work for our ecosystem could work for others and visa versa. The GEN platform gives us an easy way to access shared needs along with the solutions entrepreneurs want. In 2019 the 41 million Americans who work as consultants, freelancers, contractors, temporary, or on-call workers generated $1.28 trillion of revenue for the U.S. economy. Entrepreneurs contribute to regional growth and job creation wherever they are. The journey often doesn’t come with the benefits an employer may provide. Unfortunately one of those unmet needs is a healthcare solution and we look forward to learning how others are approaching this challenge.

What sets us apart from other coworking spaces is the value we provide through our membership services. Happily, we can announce some of those enhancements and will be able to spotlight our community partners in our ecosystem helping us make this happen during #GEW2020. The EXCITING things percolating at Splash will gear us up for GEW. One major example we will focus on during GEW is, just by being a Splasher, our members (Splashers) and their families can access a doctor 24/7! As the first coworking space in the nation to do so, Splash has announced its partnership with iSelectMD to offer a Healthcare option to all members. Splash is setting the standard of coworking in the entrepreneurship ecosystem with great coffee, reliably fast internet, and TELEHEALTH. We are excited to find other ways inclusive solutions are being offered to entrepreneurs in other ecosystems throughout the world.

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