About Us

Founder, Carina Boston Pinales



Splash Coworking is dedicated to bringing people together in the community and offering a space where we can share ideas, support projects and get local work done. The environment of work is changing from ownership to sharing. Where once stationary corporate offices were what business strive for, business now must be flexible, online, connected and innovative.

Coworking serves this demand with space as a service. Pop in, grab a desk, and hammer out some work. Book a conference room and present to a client and land the next big deal. Transform our space into a destination and host your next special event. Validate your home business with a virtual membership and utilize our mail services.


A River of Business Development

Our vision is creating an authentic community by providing the resources and network to support and grow your business and apply your ideas out to the world! Splash Coworking invites you to a space that flows and springs creativity, by creating a splash in the community of San Marcos, Texas. Splash Coworking creates a ripple from the headwaters of entrepreneurship, business, social innovation, culture, and community. We create a platform to dive into the river of business development and sustainable practices.

Splash Music Concert event