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Splash Makes Waves with Social Venturers


Carina Boston Pinales


January 23, 2021


An Ecosystem Builder is a creative who sees a gap in the diversity of a potentially vibrant, regenerative community. They are the natural connectors because they see the strengths in a community down to the smallest contributions and unique qualities each person and organization offers. They build from a place of purpose and accountability well beyond their own individual gain. During the time of crisis Splash Coworking (Splash) has been forward thinking and worked hand and hand to be proactive in reacting to the current pandemic. There were many key elements that rooted Splash to push through 2020.

Founder, Carina Boston Pinales was recently interviewed by Anika Horn of Social Venturers in a deep-dive into the development, ideation and creative force we now know as Splash.

Splash was no “over-night success”, in fact it took a lot of belief and a collective of dreamers to fertilize the soil of the river banks that would steer Splash’s current. In one response, Carina answers the question, “How do you describe Splash”:

“Our work is in the name: Splash Coworking is a space for resources and opportunities around innovation; more importantly we’re a community that is membership-driven and connects with entrepreneurs, startups, and those that just need a safe space to work while also exploring their ideas and purpose in life. I think that really describes us best: an authentic community and making a splash with whatever we do.

We like to refer to ourselves as a pollinator meaning that we serve as a hub for pollination with a unique community.

this opened the opportunity up to describe Splash as a pollinator and educate other what a pollinator is or more importantly does. Anika takes the time in this interview to ask the questions from an outside perspective and social impact admirer’s view point. Knowing the immeasurable value creative hubs and entrepreneur centers bring to a community, she navigates the interview with inspiration, and for other communities to find education and resource in the journey of Splash. To learn more we encourage you to visit the full interview, Community before space: Introducing Splash, hosted and originally published by Anika Horn on Social Venturers.

Carina Boston Pinales

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