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Carina Boston Pinales


November 22, 2021


Last week, Splash Coworking put San Marcos on the world map as a host city for this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW2021 by hosting three official events. #GEW2021 is a yearly one-week campaign led by the Global Entrepreneurship Network to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs across the globe. It takes place in 180 countries with over 35,000 events happening simultaneously.

The mission of Splash participating this year was to reassure entrepreneurs that there is a community of entrepreneurs that are here to support and provide resources to anyone that has a startup, idea or an existing business. In addition, there are shared experiences when bringing an idea into action and it is something one does not have to face alone.

Under this years theme of #GEWEcosystem and #GEWInclusion, the three official events that Splash Coworking hosted to celebrate #GEW2021 and highlight this year’s mission were the

1 Million Cups Greater SMTX town hall meeting at LBJ museum, “E-letes: An entrepreneurial introduction for NCAA athletes” discussion at Texas State University’ STAR Park and an #GEW21 Wrap Party featuring “The Stories that Make Us.”

If you missed the events and weren’t able to attend, no worries! We got you covered as these were our takeaways and recaps from each event below.

One Million Cups

1 Million Cups Greater SMTX Town Hall at LBJ Museum

Have a startup idea but stumped on how to get started? Or did you already get started and are having trouble reaching your desired audience? Well, have no fear. 1 Million Cups (1MC) Greater SMTX is here!

1MC is a weekly educational program for the startup community developed by the Kaufman Foundation that brings together entrepreneurs, civic leaders and other community members. It is designed to educate, engage and inspire. At each meeting, there are presenters that present their business plan, challenges and wins to a community of local entrepreneurs, community members and business leaders, and in return, the presenters receive feedback to help them.

To kick off #GEW21, Splash Coworking invited the public to a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 10 virtually and in-person at the LBJ Museum to inform them about the 1MC Greater SMTX chapter and to hear from past presenters and their experiences. The event had a great turnout and there were four people to sign up as presenters in the upcoming 2022 year!

If you are interested in being a presenter and would like to apply, or if you want to learn more about the program visit

“E-letes: An entrepreneurial introduction for NCAA athletes” Discussion

E-LetesThe following day on Thursday, Nov. 11 at Texas State University, Splash Coworking hosted a discussion event as a part of #GEW2021 to open the conversation about what people took away from the October 2021 E-letes program introduced to Texas State student athletes.

Oftentimes, there is this misconception that one has to face challenges alone when it comes to accomplishing their goals and that is not the case at all. Therefore, the E-letes program was all about approaching entrepreneurship with a sports mindset. Yes, it is important to know your competition and be competitive, but it is also more important to know who is on your team and be equally collaborative to help advance forward.

What people took away from the program and discussion is that the most efficient way to tackle entrepreneurship is to work as a team and lean on the resources and people that are there to support you on your journey.

#GEW2021 Wrap Party featuring “The Stories That Make Us” with Monica De La Rosa, Ramika Adams, and Kristan Alvarez

For the last official #GEW2021 event on Saturday, Nov. 14, Splash brought it home and back to the downtown Splash Headwaters location. It was a wrap party that featured a series of videos called “The Stories That Make Us.”

GEW 2021

“The Stories That Make Us” spotlights the stories, resources and steps that contributed to the success and triumphs of local entrepreneurs; Monica, Ramika and Kristan. Exploring the question of what is their “why” of being an entrepreneur, the women also shared what compelled them to start their idea and what helped them get there. The wrap party was an intimate event that really celebrated the spirit of entrepreneurship and what it takes.

The link to watch “The Stories That Make Us” series will be released via our newsletter. To sign up for our newsletter and get exclusive access to the videos, Splash events and news visit the homepage on our website.

GEW 2021

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