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Comprehensive, On-Demand Marketing Services for Small Businesses
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How it works

Splash Coworking is dedicated to bringing people together in the community and offering a space where we can share ideas, support projects and get local work done. We've done that with our Headwaters Coworking space in downtown San Marcos, and now we're casting our net wider by offering a suite of small business support services as a subscription to your membership. 

Need your social media accounts primed or kept active? We can do that! Have a content calendar and want someone to run with it? Subscribe! Got a campaign you want to execute and need support? Hiii! Have a quickbooks thing you need done? We have an expert! Small Business/Startup/Entrepreneurial Consulting? Use our network! 

We also write blogs. Host virtual events. Build simple websites using wordpress or wix. Automate email marketing campaigns. Build/manage CRMs. Develop and design ecommerce sites. Design menus. or Album covers. Pretty much anything your small business might need help with, we can find between our Coworking and Internship partnerships! 

So how's it work? Members collaborate with our team using a process that involves few scheduled meetings while utilizing our custom online collaboration process with your account manager.

Your subscription will give you the ability to monitor your projects and communicate with our team in our platform (Google), with all of your marketing projects in one place. 


You do not work with just one account manager. Instead, you communicate directly with the team that is working on your projects at that time. 


Check on your projects when you have the time. When you send a message or assign a new project, our team will respond within about one business day.


Creating authentic community by providing the resources and network to support and grow your business or, apply your idea out to the world.

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Award Winning & Collaborative  

  • 2020 iSelectMD Grant Recipient and Flagship Partner

  • 2019/2020  Texas Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) recipient with Texas State Service Learning and Excellence Department and Rural Capital Area Workforce Solutions (under Governor Abbott)

  • 2019 Published in International Journal of Community Well-Being

  • 2019 San Marcos Downtown First Ever Innovation Award

  • 2018 CoWorker Members' Choice Award

  • 2018 Innovation Week Texas State University Participant

  • 2018 National Hispanic Institute Distinguished Alumni Award in Business Development

  • 2018 San Marcos Downtown Partner of the Year

  • 2018 San Marcos Daily Record "Best Group" Ugly Sweater Contest Winner


Being a Splash member not only grants you the un-measurable value of the Splash community but gives you access to special members only perks around town! As a Splash member you get a members only pass to use for special rates and discounts at: Elevate Bar+Table, Discount Hotel Stays in San Marcos, Italian Garden, Smoothie Warriors, and Notary Services.

8am - 6pm Operating Hours 24hr Access Options

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Access to an Awesome Community

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Complimentary Coffee, Hot Tea,

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ADDRESS: 326 N LBJ Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666

TEL: (512) 667-0492  |  splash@splashcoworking.com